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This season, in a bid to raise money and awareness for some of the great things that Oxfam does, I shall be crafting for charity and documenting it here. For every donation made to Oxfam via my virginmoneygiving page (like JustGiving, only even better), I will send a surprise present from SpoiltPig Jewellery.

Day 3 October 15, 2010

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£75 raised and I’ve barely even started telling people about Crafty Christmas!  Yesterday I posted out the first three presents, today I posted one more…and right now I’m wrapping up another two!

Thank you, thank you  – you lovely people!

I’ve just added a photo album to the VMG page – in future I shall remember to take pictures of the presents as they leave and maybe even give you a peek at the workshop(which is currently a bench in my bedroom) but for now, I’d like to share some photos that Lucy Grafton at Oxfam headquarters sent me today:

These photos come from the lastest Oxfam emergency relief in Pakistan, which has been hit with the worst floods in living memory.  It’s no exaggeration. An estimated 20million people have been affected.

The floods have been devastating on a massive scale.  Entire villages have been swept away, leaving 5 million people homeless- that’s equivalent to the entire population of Scotland.  It’s been easy to think of the people affected as one big number, but when I contemplate the fact it’s the entire population of my own country I begin to understand that these people are also infants, the elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant women, the sick… and now they are homeless, with bridges and roads destroyed, how will they survive and get the care they need?
1.700 people have died and more face threat from water-borne disease and malnutrition as aid still struggles to reach some parts of Pakistan.

Oxfam is delivering vital aid to 1.2million people in Pakistan but help is still needed.  You can donate directly to the Pakistan Floods Appeal through the Diasters Emergency Committee (DEC), of which Oxfam is a member agency. The DEC co-ordinate the efforts of Oxfam and 12 other leading UK aid agencies to make sure the money is spent most efficiently and that relief is delivered effectively and timely to people in most need.



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