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This season, in a bid to raise money and awareness for some of the great things that Oxfam does, I shall be crafting for charity and documenting it here. For every donation made to Oxfam via my virginmoneygiving page (like JustGiving, only even better), I will send a surprise present from SpoiltPig Jewellery.

thank you October 28, 2010

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Support so far has been fantastic!  I’m glad so many people are into this idea and bookmarking it for their Christmas presents!  Special thanks to some wonderful folk from the crafting community who have been spreading the word: GlitterySahHamespun, CraftyMonster, Sarah Weekes, Zygote gifts, Sugarmice, Bits&Bobs crafts, I love Lexy and Lottie’s Lockets – and also to the SpoiltPig facebook fans who’ve already donated – you are all absolute stars!  Thank you so much x

So far I’ve been sponsored £131.00 for Oxfam and wrapped and posted 10 thank you presents…but we can do better than that, right?   Please share the link with as many friends as possible and let’s really make a difference!

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