SpoiltPig's Crafty Christmas Blog

This season, in a bid to raise money and awareness for some of the great things that Oxfam does, I shall be crafting for charity and documenting it here. For every donation made to Oxfam via my virginmoneygiving page (like JustGiving, only even better), I will send a surprise present from SpoiltPig Jewellery.

About October 9, 2010

How am I raising money?

I’ll be crafting for charity and sending presents of jewellery to anyone who makes a donation to my virginmoneygiving page for Oxfam.

Why have I chosen to do this?

I love to make things and I love that all year round, so many people purchase gifts from me to share with loved ones.  Birthdays, anniversaries and my busiest time of year, Christmas.  I thought it might be a bit lovely to give that money to Oxfam this season.  You give a gift, I give a gift – everyone has a lovely Christmas :)

What do I get?

Joy!  I can’t deny that it’s likely my website and work will attract some new attention but all donations you make via Virgin Money Giving go direct to the charity from them, I don’t see a single penny of it.  I will be donating my time, skills, materials, postage and packaging costs and I’m very happy to do this.

Why Oxfam?

I haven’t chosen just one charity to support this Christmas but for my online fundraising I’ve chosen them because they do the kind of work that I would one day like to be a part of.   I believe them to be an extremely efficient organisation and one of the most experienced in fighting poverty.  The work they carry out is absolutely essential: inequality and poverty are killing people all around the globe and it’s unacceptable.  Oxfam provide healthcare, safe water and food. Disaster relief in crisis. Education, training and tools to help communities survive.  Oxfam campaigns for fairer pay, stands up for human rights and fights for change.
If you want to know more, I promise to answer any questions about the charity as fully as I can but please have a browse of the website and read about some of the 2,000 projects they support.


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